“Ho conosciuto il dolore”

Dolore, piccolo o grande, nel corpo o nell’anima.. tutti noi lo conosciamo beneQuesta canzone di Roberto Vecchioni… non la conoscevo.. come al solito quando trovo cose come questa mi sento di aver perso qualcosa fino a questo momento.. e di aver trovato qualcosa di meravigliosoGrazie Roberto, per essere quello che sei e per saper trovare le parole giuste   https://youtu.be/4WsAi7GviAY … Continue reading

Lost message


All day long I sit by the riversideriverside
Watching the sunrise and the colors it brings
Here I can sing, ‘cos there’s no one around
Some birds fly above me, flying so free

Remember an angel as he sat beside me
Here by the riverside
I looked into his big blue eyes and loved him like rain
Then he flew away like the bird he was before

I saw him flying into the sunset
As the sky turned to black and he faded from view
Next morning by sunrise I watched and waited
Waited for the bird that was my angel within

But he never returned
And I’m still waiting
Where is he
Is he gone

Was he murdered by a man, thinking that he was just some bird?

All day long I sit by the riverside
Watching the sunrise and sunset
I’m waiting for my angel to appear
But I’ll have to accept I’ll never see him again
‘cos he never returned

And I’m still waiting
Where is he..

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