who’s ?

I’ve nothing to do today… and I like it 🙂
I discovered that this blog has a page of statistics and I looked there…
I have some visitor from US and I did’nt know
what an american friend (or from anywhere is.. ) can find of interesting here I really don’t know… but thanks for your visit
For me this is only a place to… say something about me
This place make me feel to be not alone in the world… even else none of my real or virtual friends know that this place exist
And is my choice.. in fact I feel a bit ashamed for what I write here sometimes..
Many times I say to myself :
BUT … BUT… what are you doin’ ?
You’re NOT a 16th yo girl… you’re an old woman, you’re grandma, the world expects from you rationality and reliability.. not flys of fancy and teenage love…
But… this is what I am.. maybe is a contraddiction, maybe a twist of fate…
but I live.. and love with all my heart.. and .. this my soul… this is Luisa…
Unknown visitor… please let a sign of your passage here, if you can…
it will be a gift for me 🙂